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About Us

About Us

Pentagon is one of the top web development companies in the world with a skilled team of developers that specialize in providing custom web facilities and solutions to clients. We have always treated these clients as our valued strategic partners, an approach which has meant success for both our business and theirs. At Pentagon, we recognize the need for a return on your investment to you and as a result we measure our performance by our customer’s success.

Our range of services including web design, web development, email hosting, search engine optimization and application development. All these services are present in all our locations around the world. Being first founded in the UAE in 1996, we have since expanded with branches now in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, India and Canada.

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As world leaders in web development, we pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent standard of excellence. Our team is all about providing you with a great web development experience, and we look forward to helping more customers in the future to establish themselves as strong contenders in the online marketplace.

Our History

Pentagon has a rich history with its roots having been set down even before Google was established. This is our unique heritage and story:

In July 1996, Our CEO, a forward thinking young entrepreneur living in Abu Dhabi started up a new company called Pentagon. At just 24 years old and without a penny in his pocket, our current CEO set out to teach the local business community about the potentials of the internet. This was back in the days when people were still wondering if ‘this internet thing’ was ever going to take off, and many of them did not even know what a website was before he explained it to them. The journey was challenging in its beginnings, with some people being reluctant to accept new technology into their business structures. By patiently explaining the benefits of the internet to these business owners, Pentagon started to win them over one by one and eventually got the involvement of much of the local business community.

It was confidence in and the determination to utilize the internet’s vast potential that set Pentagon on its path to success. Our CEO was sometimes jokingly called “Mr. Internet” during those early days in client meetings and he is a testament to hard work getting results.

Two years after the company’s founding Pentagon reached its first 100 clients as the internet continuing to grow in popularity. Yahoo eventually took over from its predecessor AltaVista and made searching for websites even easier. By the year 2000 Pentagon had become a go to in the UAE for web development and hosting services, and by the year 2002 we had our own networking division now named Pentagon Computers.

Over the course of the following twenty years Pentagon flourished with constant innovation and extremely dedicated customer service maintaining it as a fore runner in world web development services. New offices were opened in multiple locations around the globe including India, the USA, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, we added new services to ensure our clients remained one step ahead of the game.

With the invention of Penta Cloud, Penta File Manager, Penta Server, Penta Newsletter and Penta Mail, the Pentagon company continued to grow both its customer base and staff. Having always employed the very best personnel, our company grew to employ a number of highly skilled and experienced developers over the years. Pentagon focused on adopting a workplace culture of growth and partnership which continues today.

Since it’s humble beginnings in 1996, Pentagon has utilized its position to help many businesses achieve success. Having recently opened a branch in Canada and having also developed professional partnerships with Google and Microsoft, we are excited about what the future holds. At the same time, we do not forget out history. We are proud of who we are and where we’ve come from. At Pentagon we will continue to succeed using the same tools we did when we started – hard work, determination and a sense of innovation.

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