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    Backup solutions

    Server Arrangements

    Do you have a huge website for your business? Do you have multiple websites to manage? If yes, pentagon is the right place to go to. We have professional web server facilities that is used by many business in the UAE. By having a well-equipped web server, it helps in achieving more security, growth potential and faster loading speeds for your website. Our highly trained employees can help you to enhance your services by setting up the proper infrastructure and managing the server as well.

    Network & server services include:

    • Entire software support needed to guide in the implementation for windows, office suites, etc
    • Enhanced equipment maintenance and management to keep your system up to date which excludes any accounting level related software or packages.
    • Assisting in the addition of new user accounts and groups
    • Extensive setup of various work stations, printers, automated backups and monitoring.
    • High secure systems implementation along with the operating systems and antivirus softwares and updates are provided.
    • The ground basis of our preventative measures are governed by the manufacturer's specifications.
    • Replacements of the components required are done by us during the service period.
    • Parts to be replaced are charged upon deployment and at a reasonable market price. The parts will be new or as-new parts during the exchange system.Replacement parts only charged upon implementation and at a fair market price. These will be new or as-new items that Pentagon provides on an exchange system.
    • Detailed and professional analysis of network traffic and potential risks which also includes the managing of the network cable layouts.
    • 24/7 expert support through our phone lines
    • Fast and responsive call times to ensure a peace of mind to the clients

    In days of high cyber security threats, business are looking for ways to ensure an extra level of secure system integrated into their network. With Pentagon, over its 23 years of expertise in cyber security, our team are consistently up to date with the latest new developments and in par in managing your cyber security requests. If you have any enquiries, do give pentagon a call today

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