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The best marketing strategy that needed for increasing sales and ROI for your ecommerce website.

Being one among the best Ecommerce SEO Company in Dubai, our main aim is to make sure that your website is visible to the online world. At Pentagon we ensure that all the products and services present in your organization is being ranked on the search engine platforms.


How Can Ecommerce Seo Benefit Your Company?

When your business model is constructed to inculcate online sales, your focus should be on what strategy to be implemented to make sure that your online store is visible and easily accessible to your customers. Ecommerce SEO strategy fits right into place. When having an ecommerce website filled with various products and services, we can help target each and every product and optimize these products to be ranked on the first page. This ensures that you are not losing out on sales for your products and help establish a strong ground in your online market.


Within this era of the online internet boom, it has been critical to ensure that your website is being popped up when people search for your services. This helps your clientele gain a sense of trust and have a huge impact in brand awareness. Through our expertise, our team of SEO experts will be first analyzing your website as a whole and find out areas where we can optimize and further enhance the visibility of the products on your website and on the search engine platforms. This in turn, helps to increase your sales and have a return on investment and benefit your company as a whole. It is always profitable to pave the pathway for long term success, and E-commerce SEO packages is the right turnpike.

Ecommerce SEO Company


E-commerce SEO to bring your online store great visibility, customer traffic, sales and profits

  • Engaging Brand Awareness

    When you are projected onto the online world, when people find you on the search engine for products in your product line, it helps in gaining brand recognition to your website and promotes in your marketing

  • Long Term Investment

    With E-Commerce SEO, this is a guaranteed long-term commitment that helps assure in getting you your revenues once ranked on the search engine pages that helps in getting your clientele into your business

  • Increase in Sales

    The main task is in engaging your clientele into your business, with E-commerce SEO it helps in bringing customers into your website and helps getting them converted into high quality generating leads which in turn results in increase in sales.

  • Capturing Long Tail Searches

    When your business model revolves with various products in your line, it is always beneficial to be present online for all your product description on the search engine. This helps in not losing out on valuable clientele and to be visible online for all the specific searches of your catalog.

  • Optimizing your E-Commerce Website

    This helps in getting your website as well as your product line get optimized so that is easily visible online when customers search for your respective products. This enables Google to easily identify your website as a whole once it is optimized within the SEO principles.

  • Lesser Investment than Paid Search

    SEO Service in general has always been the most beneficial in terms of cost perspective. Once you are on the top, nothing can pull you down as compared to paid search results that results in exhausting your cost budget for online marketing.


  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Implementation
  • On Page E-commerce Seo
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Schema & Structured Data Markup
  • Off Page Seo
  • E-store Optimization
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SEO Package

SEO Packages




Website Audit
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Pre SEO Ranking
Google Penalty Check
Backlink Auditing
Keyword Distribution
URL Optimization
SEO Redirection
Title & Meta Tag Optimization
OG Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
Internal link Optimization
Product Image Optimization
Product SEO
SEO Sitemap Setup
Canonical Tages
Setup Robots.txt File
Footer Optimization
Custom 404 Page
Check Mobility Issues
Page Speed Optimization
Website Schema
Company Schema
Product Schema
FAQ Schema
Schema on Testimonial
Schema on Blog
PPT Creation
Blog Writing
Classified Writing
Article Writing
PDF Creation
Infographic Creation
Press Release Writing
Guest Blog Writing
Search Engines Submission
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Ping Submission
SEO Bookmarking
Classified Listings
Profile Creation
Business Listing
Q & A Submissions
Image Submission
Article Submission
Web 2.0 Posting
Guest Blog Postings
PPT Submission
PDF/Doc Submission
Infographic Submission
Video Submission
Press Release Submission
Google My Business Setup
Local Business Directory/ Citations
Facebook Page
Twitter Profile
Voice Keywords Research
Search Engine Result Page Analysis
FAQ Optimization
Content Modification
Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Setup
Bing Webmaster Tool Setup
SEO Activity Reports
Monthly Keywords Ranking Reports on Google
Visitor Analysis Report
Semrush Report
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Tracking


Being ranked on the top is what the competition is, however, to maintain your ranking is the challenge. Here at Pentagon with our team of highly trained employees, rest assured we can be a helping hand in your success journey.

  • Website Audit & Analysis
    Website Audit & Analysis

    Prior to any work we undertake, we at priority do a detailed analysis on the website, find out intricate details on the backend as well as how we can further improve from the SEO front. Understanding what are the keywords that best complement your services and products that have a high search volume in the market.

  • Competitor Research
    Competitor Research

    Our goal is to ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competition. To do this, we analyze on the strategy that your competitors are opting, and we investigate on the pros and cons of the same and further enhance this strategy to best benefit your work model.

  • Action Plan
    Action Plan

    Once the keywords are finalized, we work on implementing the optimization of the keywords and the website to help get it in incorporated and visible to the online search engine. We tackle from the On-Page SEO tasks as well as the Off-Page SEO Tasks all other necessary details to help achieve your goal.

  • Working Strategy & Planning
    Working Strategy & Planning

    Our key objective is to get your keywords ranked. When we have all the tasks completed in our checklist, we start waiting for the outcome of our workflow and continue publishing Off Page SEO tasks on a daily basis to help get your keywords get validated in various credible sources. E- commerce SEO is an ongoing task for getting the keywords ranked on the top. We helps to get your website ranked online market.

  • Periodic Monitoring & Analysis
    Periodic Monitoring & Analysis

    When doing the works on the website, we further analyze what are the outcomes and shortcomings that comes in our way and find out new strategies that can help eradicate such situations. We always ensure to be well prepared to tackle any such situations. In addition, we enhance the schema and structure data by analyzing the audience behavior and use this as an opportunity to improve on our working strategy.

  • Reporting & Review
    Reporting & Review

    We provide on a monthly basis a detailed ranking report which consists of the audience behaviors, interaction, keyword ranking position, our Off-Page SEO submissions and more. Based on the results achieved, we look at ways how we can further improve our working strategy to help benefit in E-Commerce SEO Service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions on whether to invest in E-Commerce SEO? Get free consultation now!

Ecommerce SEO
How is Ecommerce SEO different from Normal SEO Services?

E-Commerce SEO helps in targeting the various products and services specific in your product catalog and help get it ranked on the Google Search Engine. Whereas for Local or National SEO, the keywords are more generic and not accustomed to any product line. E- Commerce SEO is beneficial to customers who want their product line to be visible to the online market.

What guarantee do you provide in getting ranked on first page?

Google has its algorithms, that keeps changing. Hence to provide you a guarantee is not logically right, however, we will be providing you a rough estimated timeline based on how competitive your keywords are and how many people are searching for this keyword, taking into factor these criterions, we will be provided you the rough estimated time in reaching the first page.

Is E-Commerce SEO good for me?

If your website is equipped with various product listing and categories of what needs to be showcased to your customers, then E-Commerce SEO is the right choice for you. Think of it as a shopping cart and you need your customers to be brought into your cart, and this is [possible with the help of E-commerce SEO Services.

I want to sell my products online to only one specific region and not the entire country. Is it possible?

Sure, we can help you target your products and your key phrases to any specific region by targeting the listing of that region. With careful research and analysis, we can target the customers for the mostly searched keywords in that region and help get you listed for your products.

What can I expect from Pentagon for the E-Commerce Service?

We value our customers with utmost priority, their feedback is what motivates us to strive to work harder. We do not just primarily focus on getting your keywords ranked, our main aim is to ensure that your company as a whole is benefited when being partners with Pentagon. along with the SEO Services, we find out new, creative and innovative ideas that can further help in increasing your sales.

Is E-Commerce costly?

We provide various Ecommerce SEO packages customized to your preferences that can help you according to your business model. Surely, our costing packages is what attracts our clientele and our aim is to help you get what you deserve.

Will you optimize my entire product line and use all my products as the keyword phrases?

We find out what are the mostly search products listing for your industry and primarily help in getting those recognized to be visible onto the search engine. Moreover, our main focus is getting your website online and we do whatever necessary measures it takes to achieve in gaining your brand recognition.

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