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Gaining brand awareness and recognition in the local area is the primary task for Local SEO Services.

Worried on how to increase your sales by engaging more “foot traffic”? With our various local SEO packages, we can enable your services to appear on the search engines to make sure you are visible online to your clientele.


What is Local Seo?

To help your business gain brand awareness and recognition, the first step one does is to publicize on your services. In the initial stages, it is usually done through the word of mouth or by marketing your business on various paid platforms or even through flyer distribution. There are various ways to help establish your company’s presence to your customers. How does Local SEO Dubai help benefit your services?

Local SEO refers to those activities that helps your small business as a whole to not lose out on customers that are present within the vicinity of your business operations. Local SEO company helps optimize your services in a way such that when people search for your services online in your geographical area, you will be the first result to pop up in their searches. For instance, Normal SEO Services pertains to more generic keywords whereas for Local SEO Services, it helps in gaining customers through more detailed and location specific keywords. This helps in gaining more foot traffic. It has been crucial nowadays, to capture your audiences within the local market to establish a strong ground in the online market.

Local SEO Company

Did You Know?


Of all searches on Google are seeking local information


Of consumers go online to find local services


Of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps

What Can a Local Seo Agency Do for My Business

Local Business SEO Audit
Local SEO Audit

This enables us to find out how well optimized your website is in terms of keywords or services pertaining to your geographical area. This helps us to tackle ways to implement certain tasks to help gain your local presence to your market.

Local SEO Competitor Analysis
Local Competitor Analysis

We find out the strategies undertaken by your competitors and use that as a demo blueprint to find out what ways have been successful and build a more strategic and detailed plan to help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Small Business SEO Link Building
Quality Link Building

Getting quality and rich backlinks is the prime source for SEO ranking. This enables Google to validate your site as a credible source and helps it in getting your website ranked on its pages.

Best Local SEO Business Listing
Local Business Listings

Google has its way for categorizing and picks from the lot of these categories to provide us the most apt result for our searches. Hence, through local business SEO optimizing we can categorize the businesses accustomed to your services in a detailed manner to help your customers find you more easily.

Local SEO Content Optimization
Content Optimization

Content is Gold in the eyes of Google. The more related content you have on your website, the easier it is to be ranked in Google with the related key phrases. This enables a way to tell your clients a more detailed explanation of your services.

Local SEO Services Onpage
On-Page Optimization

To ensure your website is visible to your local market, we require to optimize your website in an intricate manner such that it pops up when your audiences searches for your services. Here, we modify your heading, titles and so on, to help Google crawl bots to easily identify your website.

Local SEO Agency
Rating & Review Management

Our goal is to provide your business an image that resonates with your audiences in a beneficial manner. We help in managing your reputation on the search engine platform and find out ways how to tackle your negative feedback and build up on strategies to help eradicate such instances.

Local SEO Keyword Research
Local Keyword Research

In Local SEO, our main goal is to ensure that you are visible to your customers within the vicinity and for this we find out what are the key phrases most commonly used. Hence, we provide you the keywords that are highly searched and use these keywords that can help transform your business from the financial front.

Smal Business SEO
Google My Business Optimization

The most important criteria in Local SEO is Google My Business Optimization, this enables a method to show your business profile to be displayed to your customers when they are searching for your related services. This provides them a trust in your company and be able to capture your information in a quick and easy manner.

Our Local SEO Packages & Pricing

Local SEO Packages




Website Audit
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Pre SEO Ranking
Google Penalty Check
Backlink Auditing
Keyword Distribution
URL Optimization
SEO Redirection
Title & Meta Tag Optimization
OG Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
Internal link Optimization
Product Image Optimization
SEO Sitemap Setup
Canonical Tages
Setup Robots.txt File
Footer Optimization
Custom 404 Page
Check Mobility Issues
Page Speed Optimization
Website Schema
Company Schema
FAQ Schema
Schema on Testimonial
Schema on Blog
PPT Creation
Blog Writing
Classified Writing
Article Writing
PDF Creation
Infographic Creation
Press Release Writing
Guest Blog Writing
Search Engines Submission
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Ping Submission
SEO Bookmarking
Classified Listings
Profile Creation
Business Listing
Q & A Submissions
Image Submission
Article Submission
Web 2.0 Posting
Guest Blog Postings
PPT Submission
PDF/Doc Submission
Infographic Submission
Video Submission
Press Release Submission
Google My Business Setup
Local Business Directory/ Citations
GMB Weekly Updation
Facebook Page
Twitter Profile
Voice Keywords Research
Search Engine Result Page Analysis
FAQ Optimization
Content Modification
Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Setup
Bing Webmaster Tool Setup
SEO Activity Reports
Monthly Keywords Ranking Reports on Google
Visitor Analysis Report
Semrush Report
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Tracking

Industry Specific Small Business SEO Services

For SEO, we do not follow the rule of one size fits all. For every industry, we customize our local SEO Dubai Services according to your specifications and business model to help get you your leads.

Local SEO Company

Looking for ways to help increase your sales in the auto mobile industry? With Local SEO, we can target customers who are looking for your services in the desired location you seek. It can be a car dealership, repair or maintenance or even more and we can help rank your company in Google.

Local Business SEO

No matter what services your business pertains to, we can help bring about your customers to your website. This is possible by targeting the key phrases in accordance with your services in your area of operation.

Small Business SEO

In this field, there are vast sectors that can be invested in through Local SEO. We can help you stay ahead of your competition by bring in relevant audiences to your website which the services you cater to.

Local SEO Agency

Here we can help bring your clientele tailor made to your specified health care services. We can bring about audiences that are in need for medical services. With this online era, we can help target customers based on their location as well as their preferences

Local SEO for Medical

In this era, people are always online, and it has come to attention that, people resort to search engines for recruitment help. With Local SEO we can help target the right candidates to your website.

Small Business SEO for Recruitment

Looking for ways to bring in customers to your business? In this field, Local SEO can target your specified customers according to the cuisine you cater to.

Local SEO Company

Insurance Sectors have been in demand for a long time, and to stay ahead of the competition is vital for business. Through SEO, we can help customers find what they require in an easy and quick manner and get transformed into qualified leads.

Best Local SEO

It is always beneficial for the entertainment sector to target audiences that are within their geographical area, and this is possible through the help of Local SEO. We can target the various sectors in the entertainment field specific to its location.

Small Business SEO

Even though hotels are used for targeting international level audiences, it is also good to secure and gain brand awareness to your customers in your vicinity. This helps in gaining customer trust and in turn helps in gaining your leads.

Why Choose Pentagon for Local Business SEO

Pentagon local SEO company with great results for getting our clients more rankings, traffic, leads, and sales from the web. We aim to make every client a raving fan of our work, and we want you to be next.

Increased Traffic

Once your website is being ranked for your services specific to targeted locations, a greater number of visitors comes to your site which in turn helps in increasing the website traffic which is beneficial from SEO viewpoint.

Increase in Sales

As the website is ranked for your specific keywords, you generate quality leads which in turn helps in the increase in sales. SEO is a way of putting you on the map to your customers.

Optimized Website

The website will be catered to every detail of your services in an intricate manner, such that when people search for your services, Google bots can easily identify your website due to its optimization.

Google My Business Optimization

Another credible source for Local SEO is GMB Listing, this enables a way for your customers to value you as a genuine business and help get all the details they want in just one click. GMB listing helps in providing customers a quick and detailed method of gaining knowledge on your services.

Targeted Audience

For Local SEO, we target the market in such a way that we find out what are the most searched keywords, what drives revenues and use that as a basis to form the keywords and help get you ranked for the same in your targeted area.

Support Team

With pentagon, with over 20 Years of Experience, we believe in customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure you company as whole flourishes. We value our customers and they are the ones that drive us to motivation.

Performance Tracking

We provide a detailed and an in-depth report on a monthly basis to enable the customers see the progress in our work as well as from their financial front. This provides a method to help them track our progress.

Brand Recognition

With Local SEO, the main aim is to cater to the needs of your customers within your vicinity of your business operations. This enables in an increase in foot traffic, word of mouth and so on, which in turn helps in gaining brand awareness and brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding our Local SEO Packages? We've got answers

Local SEO Agency

What is the difference between Normal SEO & Local SEO?

Normal SEO is where keywords that are generic are targeted, whereas for Local SEO, keywords that are more specific and location wise targeted are being utilized.

Is Local SEO good for me?

For Local Business, this is one of the best strategies, and for other business that wants to generate more foot traffic and obtain customers that are location specific, this is the best method.

Is Local SEO Expensive?

With Local SEO, we can target customers accustomed to your services and generate high quality leads which in turn leads to an increase in sales.

How Long do I have to wait to see the results?

SEO is a time taking process, but it our job to show you the progress of our work force. Within a month you can see the improvements in the keyword rankings, and we do everything in order to gain you the First Page Rankings.

Will my Search Results appear in Google My business Listing?

For Local SEO, we optimize the GMB Listing in an intricate manner such that all your services will be mentioned in a detailed manner and made available to your customers in the profile listing when your services are being searched in the Search Engines.

Are long tail keywords more helpful than generic keywords?

With long tail keywords, we can target relevant customers to your business and bring quality leads. Whereas, if we target generic keywords, we may gain website traffic, but it may not be fruitful in terms of leads.

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