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    Why penta

    Why Penta

    In today’s world, when there is an extensive selection of service providers to partner with you to carry forward your online projects, choosing the right partner is always a daunting and hectic task. With over hundreds of choices available, it is always nice to know that there is a company to fall back upon that shows excellence in terms of both quality of products and services. We at pentagon assure you that we take care of the client’s needs and demands with utmost care and ensure that we cater to every niche of detail present. With our firm base established in 1996, we always strive to look for new ways of innovation simultaneously meeting our customer’s requisites in services like web designing, web development, email hosting, SEO and more.

    With our highly developed expertise, we have learned throughout the years what works on the net and what does not. We are at your service to provide consultation on a range of web development services including user interface analysis, metrics tracking, research on specific topics and so forth. These just comprise a few areas of our expertise. The end products of our services ranges from building a modern and professional websites with fully functional implementations to building an online presence in digital marketing field

    In regard to the web development, we employ a range of highly skilled and experienced employees who can support you throughout the project process. Our range of expertise covers both front end and back end development tasks which includes the graphic designing, multimedia and all other requirements covered in one platform.

    Our clientele and end users of our products have always been our backbone, their immense joy and satisfaction is what motivates us to do better. To ensure that we continue this strategy, we have created three pillars of feedback to assure we are always one step ahead of the game.

    Client Surveys

    Once nearing to the competition process of our clients projects, our clients are asked to complete a survey based on the services provided to them. This helps us to understand and evaluate how well we have pleased you and also provides us an indication on how the end products are termed to be useful on to the online world. High scoring statistics stipulate profitable online ventures.

    Target Measurement

    When a project is handed to us, pentagon advocates the task of setting up a measurable source of end targets to the project. These targets are then assessed and gauged around six months to a year after the project has been put forth on to the online world. This time frame provides us a mean to identify and fully discover the success of your site measured against the initial set of targets set in the beginning. This provides us a sense of judgment and a means to develop ways on how to further amend our methods into highly articulated work in the long run.

    Feedback Reception

    We highly respect and value our customer feedback and have advocated many improvements as a response to the feedbacks received. We appreciate and in turn look forward to the feedback as this is a process that helps ensure that we have been honed to provide an excellent set of services to our diverse range of clientele.

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