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Pentagon is one among the best web development companies in the world equipped with a wide range of highly skilled employees who are trained to create custom made solutions to our clients. Here at pentagon, we come to work every day to tackle the problems and bring forth solutions to our customers. Our mission is to create an environment both professionally and personally with the client so as to ensure their business flourishes which in turn is a measure of success for us.

Our wide array of services ranges from web design, web development, email hosting services, digital marketing services ranging from search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC advertisement to application development. Our services are available on all our branches located around the world. Our first stepping stone was established in the early 1996 in UAE, from there forth our global network spans now in Australia, New Zealand, USA, India and Canada.

As being pioneers in the web development industry as well as the digital marketing field, we are proud to say that we are one of the most leading companies in the region. Our measure of accomplishment is the client’s happiness and we ensure that we work on every niche of detail to pave their way for success in the long run and provide them a firm stand in the online digital marketplace.



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Pentagon has a rich history with its roots having been set down even before Google was established. This is our unique heritage and story:

During July 1996, our CEO, who was a young charismatic entrepreneur who had always wooed people through his oratory skills had started his journey in ABU DHABI by establishing a company called pentagon. He was just 24 years old, who had a vision in his mind to bring about a change to his life. With no money in hand, his sense of purpose and mission was set out to reach the potential business community on the prospects of the internet. This was during an era, where people had not heard of the concept of internet, where they were not aware of the vast boom it could create. But our CEO knew the potential behind it and wanted to extract all its benefits and put out to the world. As we can accept, people were reluctant to comprehend this new technology and instigate it into their daily business routine. It was due to the sheer brilliance and patient that our CEO had put forth in convincing the clients on how one can achieve such great heights when put to good use. Through his hard work and determination, pentagon started to win the clients over one by one and thus created the starting building block of pentagon.

If it weren’t for our CEO’S revolutionary move, pentagon would not have reached the great impact it has today. During the early days, our CEO was mostly known as “mr. Internet” during client meetings and he clearly is a testament on how hard work can lead to success.

The first milestone that pentagon had reached was after two years it had been founded when it had reached its first 100 clients due to the vast growth in the internet’s popularity. Yahoo had eventually taken over from its predecessor AltaVista and made the process of searching for websites easier for the people. During the year 2000. Pentagon had now become the go to place for people in UAE for their web development and hosting needs, and the next milestone was by the year 2002 where we established our very own networking division now named pentagon information technology.

ver the course of twenty years, we had grown in to the digital marketing field and became pioneers into the world of search engine optimization. This was during a time where the concept was less understood and less transparent and we had seen this as an opportunity to help the business community grow in terms of their online marketplace. Pentagon has always thrived to provide innovative, creative and committed services to the client and it is a reason as to why we are a fore runner now in the web development world and in the digital marketing field. We always wanted to make sure that we were one step ahead of the game in every step we make. Pentagon had further expanded its divisions internationally including usa, new Zealand, India and Australia.

Pentagon did not stop there, with the invention of Penta cloud, Penta server, Penta file manager, Penta newsletter and Penta mail, it further expanded its customer clientele and its staff. Pentagon ensured it had a firm base, it ensured to hire the very best personnel from the beginning wherein it paved the way to evolve into a company with now a wide range of staff with exquisite skills to cater to needs of the clients to the very last detail with utmost care and attention. The path of our CEO had provided a sense of vision and purpose which now stands the workplace culture of growth and relationship which continues even today.

Ever since pentagons beginnings, our only aim was to ensure that every client of ours should achieve success and we are proud to say that we were able to do so. Without new branch established in Canada and also having developed partnerships with Microsoft and Google, we are now awaiting and excited on what the future has stock for us. We are all very proud on how we have grown and what we are today. We at pentagon promise to withstand, deliver and continue to provide the services with utmost care and dedication.

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