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No matter what services your industry pertains to, SEO Dubai can help get you the right qualified leads and make sure you have a strong online presence in the market. With our highly trained SEO Experts, we can ensure that you are one step ahead of your competition.

Are you facing difficulties in getting your clientele to your website? Is your website not being ranked for your services on the search engine? Well, you have come to the right place! With Penta Web Design Dubai, we can assure you that you can get your website and your business out into the online world. Search Engine Optimization, or as everyone calls it, SEO, as the term itself dictates it means to optimize your services or your website on the search engine platform. When you have a perfectly good functioning website, why not optimize it so that Google can itself crawl on your website and make it visible on its search engine.

Being one of the top SEO Agency in Dubai, rest assured, we can target and bring the relevant customers to your website by ranking the keywords or phrases related to your company onto the first page of the search engine platforms like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and furthermore. With our wide array of affordable SEO Packages, we custom make the solutions that fits right into your business strategy. Our main aim is to provide you the seo service packages and help benefit your organization in getting your business growth exponentially. Being one among the best seo Dubai, we can help increase your ROI, bring in genuine leads and help convert into valuable assets. Our team of SEO Experts work in order to achieve your keywords on to the First of Google and help increase your website traffic.

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Why Be A Part Of Pentagon UAE SEO Dubai Company?
  • Helps in increasing Brand Awareness – Establish a Strong Online Presence
  • Increased Brand Credibility – Once you are ranked top among your competitors, it creates a scenario where you customers gain trust in your organization
  • Bring about High Qualified Leads and Increase in Sales – Increase in ROI
  • Optimized Website – Enhances User Experience
  • Establish a strong ground in Digital Marketing – First Step to the marketing field is through SEO Dubai
  • Help Inculcate a Strategy for Long Term Success – Once ranked, you can guarantee it will lead to progress in your business venture
  • Increased Relevant Website Traffic
  • White Hat SEO Strategy – We ensure that we only apply the right and specified principles of the SEO Techniques
  • Thorough Research & Analysis of your Company and Website – Site Audit taking into consideration of the Website Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization – Ensures that your user experience is not compromised with the Website Speed
  • Monthly Reports – Detailed report including the keyword rankings, click rates, pdfs, graphs, Traffic flow, user experience, location specific enhancement and so on.
  • Progress Timeline – Our success rate in being one of the leading SEO Company Dubai is our transparency, we provide upfront to our clients the timeframe on their expected results
  • Reliable and Trustworthy – With over 23 years of experience in the Online Industry, we can guarantee to our client they are in safe hands. We take utmost importance of our clients suggestions and feedbacks and inculcate that into our work strategy.

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SEO Services Dubai

Enhance your website's visibility, drive traffic, and improve search rankings. Climb the search engine ladder in Dubai with our SEO expertise. We optimize your online assets to dominate search results, attract targeted visitors, and increase conversions with our bespoke SEO Strategies. Let us boost your digital presence and business growth with data-driven SEO solutions tailored for the Dubai market.

Keyword Research

For SEO, keyword research is where it all begins. The first basic step and the most important one is to find the right keywords. We require to find out what are the keywords that best fits into your organization and work model. Taking into consideration the right search volume, are the people searching a lot for this keyword, the competitiveness of the keyword, how much time will it take for the keyword to be ranked if it is used by everyone and how will the keywords selected assist and promote your services. Our main aim is to assure you that the keywords selected reflect you as an organization.

Competitor Analysis

Your business strategy is to stay one step ahead of your competitors that helps you in benchmarking your success. By undergoing a comprehensive competitor analysis, you can find out what are the key elements and strategy your competitors have undertaken, what are the keywords that they use to rank on top. Bearing all these factors and finding out what works out in the long run, we can thus build up a strong and comprehensive SEO Strategy. This gives you a backend access to know what the others are doing and where you are currently standing.

Technical SEO

We need to ensure that your website has good online search visibility. In order to permit that, we need to make sure that the Google crawl bots can easily visit your website and get it indexed onto its pages. Every small detail that pertains to be done on your website is done by us. It can range from Page Speed Optimization in enhancing the user experience, ensuring a responsive design, secure channel for the crawl bots and the final most important factor is to assure that all the backend details related to the SEO work are in place.

On Page SEO

The next main step is to ensure that the pages on your website is visible and gets indexed on the Google Search Engine. In order to achieve this, we need to make sure that the keywords you wish to target and be ranked on the first page must be present on your website. There has to be content relating to your keywords. It does not stop there, we need to make sure that it is not only visible to your clientele when they visit your website, but also to the Google crawl bots. We require to optimize the keywords with appropriate meta tags and tile descriptions and furthermore to help it get indexed at a faster pace. This small detail is very vital in the starting stages of the SEO Work Flow.

Off Page SEO

With the appropriate On Page SEO Tasks in place, the next pathway to conquer is the OFF-Page SEO Tasks. This implies that there are credible sources that mention your services in different websites and various URLs so that it helps Google to verify that your website and your keywords are being referred to and visible online in various other platforms. Off Page refers to all those activities that are implemented outside your website pages. It is an important factor that helps in the growth of reach to your website and this directly influences your brand recognition. Off Page Tasks can range from Ping Submission, Blog Submission, PDF and PPT Submission, Infographic, Image, Social Bookmarking and furthermore.

Content Marketing

More content does not necessarily mean your SEO Ranking is going to improve. Quality content is what forms the basis of content marketing. Here at SEO Dubai firmly believe in using good quality and rich content that can help improve your content marketing strategy. We adhere to the principle of SEO and confirm to White Hat SEO Strategy method. Although SEO is a time taking process, we ensure that we can generate unique content targeting your services in an exquisite manner. Our aim is to create content pertaining to your website so that Google can crawl and confirm that the keywords are present in a descriptive format and help it get indexed on its search engine.

Local Search Optimization

Ever wonder how you can compete against the big players in your industry on the Google Search Engine? Well, Google itself has internally a set of factors it undertakes to display the services on its platform based on three factors: closeness, importance and prominence. Local SEO ensures that when a customer types for a keyword pertaining to your business, Google will first and foremost display the websites that are within the proximity of the customers location. This enables more Foot Traffic, which means we can target your services within the geographic location of your company. This enables you to not miss out on enquiries within your local market. Another important factor is that due to local SEO, we can help improve your brand recognition once your website is ranked for your services in your region.

SEO Monthly Reports

At Pentagon, we assure that we provide complete transparency to our clients. From reports consisting of keywords rankings to graph distribution, user engagement, traffic flow, audience behavior, geographic views , google analytics, google search console and so on. Our aim is to display to our clients the progress of our workflow and to assure them that they are in the right hands. With our monthly SEO reports, you can keep a track and furthermore provide you various other methods which you can target to improve your website’s online presence.

Performance Tracking

Our main aim is to not just ensure that your keywords are ranked on to the first page. Our goal is to benefit your company as a whole and find out ways on how to further improve your rankings on the search engine platform. So in short, we do not just stop on getting your keywords ranked, we also employ methods that can help improve your website’s interface that can benefit your SEO. It can range from better user interface, more adequate content on your website, enriching with high quality link building, page speed optimization and so on. We intend to help grow your business from the SEO point of view and furthermore establish a partnership of trust and reliable SEO services.

SEO Packages

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Website Audit
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Pre SEO Ranking
Google Penalty Check
Backlink Auditing

Keyword Distribution
URL Optimization
SEO Redirection
Title & Meta Tag Optimization
OG Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
Internal link Optimization
Product Image Optimization
SEO Sitemap Setup
Canonical Tages
Setup Robots.txt File
SEO Landing Page Optimization
Footer Optimization
Custom 404 Page
Check Mobility Issues
Page Speed Optimization

Website Schema
Company Schema
Product Schema
FAQ Schema
Schema on Testimonial
Schema on Blog

PPT Creation
Blog Writing
Classified Writing
Article Writing
PDF Creation
Infographic Creation
Press Release Writing
Guest Blog Writing

Search Engines Submission
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Ping Submission
SEO Bookmarking
Classified Listings
Profile Creation
Business Listing
Q & A Submissions
Image Submission
Article Submission
Web 2.0 Posting
Guest Blog Postings
PPT Submission
PDF/Doc Submission
Infographic Submission
Video Submission
Press Release Submission

Google My Business Setup
Local Business Directory/ Citations

Voice Keywords Research
Search Engine Result Page Analysis
FAQ Optimization
Content Modification

Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Setup
Bing Webmaster Tool Setup
SEO Activity Reports
Monthly Keywords Ranking Reports on Google
Visitor Analysis Report
Semrush Report

Email, Chat, Phone
Project Tracking

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Looking for the best SEO Strategy for your Buisness? We will help you

SEO Packages Dubai | FAQ Icons

As we know that SEO is a time taking process, we calculate the time taken for the keywords to be ranked based on its keyword volume, how competitive the keyword is and how is your website ranked within your page and on the search engine platform. Based on these criterions, we provide you the timeline.

We do not have to follow the “One shoe fits all policy” we can custom make SEO packages to your needs. We can cater to your needs in your business model and provide you the customized packages for the services you wish to target.

Absolutely nothing is required from your end. All you need to do is to sit and relax and to get ready to see your results. We will take care of everything from scratch. From the keyword research to the performance ranking is all done by us.

During our keyword research, we do a detailed website audit on your company as well as your competitors. By doing so can we benchmark your success and find the right number of keywords that fits well into your business strategy.

We treat our clients with utmost clarity and transparency. They will always have a backend monitor at our workflow. We will be providing you all the activity updates and a detailed monthly report. If need persists, we can further have a discussion to talk about our tasks done and completed to provide you the reassurance.

Yes, you will have a dedicated Accounts Manger at your beck and call. He/She will always be at your service to provide you all the necessary details. If anything is required to be changed or modified, you can always talk to your accounts manager. Even so, you can call our office and we will all be delighted to help you in every way possible.

When starting the SEO Dubai project, first and foremost we carry out a detailed site audit and find out what are the keywords that fits perfectly for your business. We take into consideration the keywords volume, its competition, its click rate, its relevance and so on. This is the first step to start the SEO project and we will always assure that our clients are satisfied, and they can provide their own keyword suggestions and we can help target the same.

It has been an era, where everything is available online. So, it’s time to get your business out in the online world. And to conquer this, SEO is the right pathway. No matter what business model you are following, SEO will help you in all aspects in the long run. When someone searches for your services on the search engine platform, it is always reassuring to know that your website is ranked on the top to help get the qualified leads that you desire.

We have been in the market for over 20 Years and our secret for success is client satisfaction. We assure you that your growth in your business is what motivates us to do our work. So, we guarantee that we will put in the hard work required to help meet you your desired goal. Our client testimonial is a reference to this, and you can see and even call our clientele to get the assurance you need.

Our minimum contract period is three months; however we do not impose any form of force to our clientele. All we need is our customers to find it as ease when working with Pentagon.

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