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Its time to get your business ranked on top in the Global Market.

Looking for ways to expand your market to a more global reach? Well, National SEO is the correct pathway. With Pentagon’s SEO Services, our goal is to establish your business a strong ground in the global market as a whole. This is vital for sectors that ponder to the national market rather than the local market. We offer a variety of National SEO Packages that are custom made and catered to your needs and desires.

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Why Multilingual Seo Services?

When venturing your business journey into a certain market, the first step one takes is to find out where your audience are located and acquire ways to reach them. In order to attain this, we must steer our digital marketing strategy that can be easily found and accessible to our clientele. This can be obtained through the help of Multilingual SEO Services .

Here, we can optimize the searches made accustomed to their local languages. For example, taking UAE as the country of operation, if you want to target specific audiences, then the keyword search results will be made in Arabic. Hence, we use a combination of the languages that can help in gaining the right qualified leads to your website, which in turn helps in getting the required traffic and hence a return on investment. When targeting businesses on a national scale, with Pentagon National SEO company , we find out the trends and behavior of each market and use these strategies to get your company ranked on top and be globally visible to all.

Dedicated Team of Trained Arabic Seo Professionals

Over the years, the tactics and strategies of SEO has evolved. Initially, targeting SEO in various languages was not considered a normal practice. But nowadays with the huge demand in gaining online presence with various digital marketing strategies, SEO has now been evolved into Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO and now National SEO. With Pentagon, we are in par with the current trends and have evolved in the field of Arabic SEO. We have our team of highly qualified SEO Experts in the field of Arabic SEO. We are mainly focused in providing highly quality backlinks in Arabic, Arabic Language Content Creation, Arabic Keyword Analysis and furthermore. With Arabic SEO, we can make sure that you are not missing out on leads when your clientele searches for you in the local languages.

SEO Packages

100% Ethical SEO Services Adhering to google's Updated Webmaster Guidelines
Our National SEO Packages

Website Audit
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Pre SEO Ranking
Google Penalty Check
Backlink Auditing

Keyword Distribution
URL Optimization
SEO Redirection
Title & Meta Tag Optimization
OG Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
Internal link Optimization
Product Image Optimization
SEO Sitemap Setup
Canonical Tages
Setup Robots.txt File
SEO Landing Page Optimization
Footer Optimization
Custom 404 Page
Check Mobility Issues
Page Speed Optimization

Website Schema
Company Schema
Product Schema
FAQ Schema
Schema on Testimonial
Schema on Blog

PPT Creation
Blog Writing
Classified Writing
Article Writing
PDF Creation
Infographic Creation
Press Release Writing
Guest Blog Writing

Search Engines Submission
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Ping Submission
SEO Bookmarking
Classified Listings
Profile Creation
Business Listing
Q & A Submissions
Image Submission
Article Submission
Web 2.0 Posting
Guest Blog Postings
PPT Submission
PDF/Doc Submission
Infographic Submission
Video Submission
Press Release Submission

Google My Business Setup
Local Business Directory/ Citations

Voice Keywords Research
Search Engine Result Page Analysis
FAQ Optimization
Content Modification

Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Setup
Bing Webmaster Tool Setup
SEO Activity Reports
Monthly Keywords Ranking Reports on Google
Visitor Analysis Report
Semrush Report

Email, Chat, Phone
Project Tracking

Arabic SEO Process

Arabic SEO is strategically designed to bridge businesses with the Arabic-speaking audience, enhancing their website's prominence and relevance within this specific market. Through the optimization of Arabic keywords and search phrases, businesses significantly raise their prospects of securing prominent placements in search engine results. This heightened visibility plays a pivotal role in capturing the interest of potential customers seeking products, services, or information in Dubai.

Arabic Business Study

In this phase, we find out what are the trends and the behavioral pattern of the audiences. We perform a detailed analysis on your website and on your competitors to analyze on that strategy to take up upon in the field of Arabic SEO.

Arabic Keyword Research

Once we are well equipped with the details on your company and the website, the next step is the keyword identification phase. Here we find out what are the highly searched keyword terms pertaining to your industry and find out the right set of keywords that can generate qualified leads.

Website Audit & Analysis

Optimization of the website is crucial in SEO. When opting for Arabic SEO, we must modify the website to incorporate the Arabic Keywords such that it can be easily identified by the Google crawl bots. Moreover, meta tags, title description, landing pages all have to be tweaked and modified to gain the right traffic.

Arabic Content Optimization

For SEO, Content is everything. So, it is vital to have the presence of rich content in the Arabic language on the website. Cluttering with a lot of content will not do. Having the right description with the right linking can help in getting your keywords ranked on top of Google.

Technical Arabic SEO

Once the keywords and content has been finalized on the website, there must be a method for Google to identify that such data is present on the website. Through technical SEO, we can modify the website and optimize it in such a way from the backend such that your data is termed as a credible source of information to get listed on Google.

Arabic Link Research & Building

Creation of high-quality backlinks is the prime focus for Off Page SEO Tasks. Generating quality Arabic Content in websites that are within the range of your products and services are to be maintained. This helps in backing up your data on your website and ensures that you are catering to the White Hat SEO Strategy methods.

Arabic Business Listing

Listing of your company is local directories has always been an old age method. However, it is still a vital method in getting your business listing on to the online directories. This helps in verifying your business as a credible source in various Arabic Business Listings which in turns helps in the Arabic SEO.

Arabic Content Marketing

Once we analyze your website, our main aim is to ensure we create quality content that helps in promoting your keywords or key services. Blogs, Articles, Discussion Forms, PDF Submissions, Infographics and so on are created to help in the content marketing strategy for Arabic SEO.

Customized Reporting

We believe in being transparent to our customers and we provide our efforts and performance results in an enhancive and detailed manner. We categorize the results based on the language SEO results and portray what are the highly searched keywords and what can be the further improvements be made to help gain your rankings.


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In Local SEO, the keywords that are being targeted are more location specific, whereas for National SEO, we target the keywords that are more generic and that are visible to a larger number of audiences. Through National SEO, we can target keywords that are more product specific and to help to not lose out on qualified leads.

Taking UAE as an example, there are times when customers type in their search query in their local language, Arabic, and it is always beneficial to pop up in their search results first rather than they are taking the effort to translate the query into a different language. This enables them to gain confidence in your business and your services.

With Pentagon, we assure that we take our projects and our clients with utmost respect and dedicate our hard work in getting your company the financial growth. Our job is to make sure you get the qualified leads that can help your business grow. We are transparent in our workflow and we ensure in providing you the best that you deserve.

In ways to ensure that you do not lose out on your local market as well as the global market, in a similar way local language SEO takes a huge part in this. Through Local Language SEO, we can assure that you do not miss out on queries that are related to your services when customers searches for your services in their local languages.

We know that SEO is a time taking process and with Google updating its algorithm constantly, no one can guarantee a fixed SEO Result. However, we take in the competiton of the keywords, how well optimized your website is and taking into account these factors we can provide you a timeline, an approximate time on how long it takes for the results to be achieved.

When targeting the keywords from a more generic prospect, local search keywords are given a higher preference than globally searched keywords. However, your keywords will still be ranked and shown in the Google Search Engine. To target a larger and more general audience, National SEO is the right strategy, if you want to target a specific region, then Local SEO is the way to go for.

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